For romantic and poetic souls…

My poem below is based on a love story which both unfortunately and fortunately changed my life.
While I was looking for answers, I found the book “The Primal Wound” which helped me understand that I had to process more than my loss of my summer love…

Summer love

We met over summer – our eyes crossed the very first day. I instantly knew, we fell in love – right away.

Our kids got along pretty well, joyfully playing and dancing. Our friends didn’t notice yet, the two of us enjoyed getting closer late night while camping.

A beautiful bright starry night brought us together, led by fate but still a pleasant surprise. We fell in love and dreamt of each other hoping this would not end with the next sunrise.

While we tried to keep it a romantic secret, kids caught us red handed. We wanted to tell our daughters but they already knew – our announcement of love wasn’t that brand new.

With mixed feelings, we ended an unforgettable holiday hoping our romance would last. With hopes for the future, I relived every moment from that near past.

We met again, living through great summer times, while exploring each other’s family and home. Soon, I totally surrendered myself to her and could no longer be alone.

She was striving to be unique again and independent, I was dedicated to serve and please, so I became clingy and co-dependent.

She liked to be surrounded by men, was beautiful and sensual as hell. My mind growing suspicious often made me ring the alarm bell.

She wanted full trust but didn’t have guts to invest patience over time. I was fighting my suspicious mind, hoping she would be for ever mine.

Although I travelled a thousand miles, searching for reason and roots, I lost my own fight. From the moment she broke up with me, I found myself crying every day and every night.

I wondered for months how I ever could be so sad, Until the moment I realised I still suffered from being abandoned by my birth mom and dad.

The same pain of separation I experienced as a child, I now know that was really driving me wild.

A loved one that leaves you and whom you can no longer touch, It makes you wonder… that summer love, maybe she didn’t love me that much.

She wasn’t there when I needed her the most.
But I will become stronger, find love again just like that summer at the French coast.

Note: As this is a true story, some might recognise the subject person in this poem.
Please do respect my request for confidentiality for all involved.

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