Poem dedicated to my mum

She would have been 75 today. On May 9 last year, she peacefully passed away. My mum will always be in my ❤. I loved her as soon as I got adopted – so from the very first start.

Back in 1978, my mum and dad adopted me without any fear for my past, hoping that the joy in my life would ever last. My mum left us as if her job of raising us was done, knowing that her love for her family will never be gone.

I’m sure she lovingly would have supported my search for my roots in the past, as she always would have wanted my authenticity to last. I feel lost and I’m looking for my authentic self, after I broke hearts and removed multiple pictures from the shelf.

But I learned lessons and still stand in the heat,
like in the picture, I will be soon again in the driving seat.

– Poem dedicated to my mum Julia Slegers and my family –

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