Love Yourself

We tend to hold on to our past.
Hoping that it would ever last.
Because the past, that is what defines you, right?
And our future is uncertain, sometimes black, sometimes bright.

Painful moments when you look back,
when your memories and past seem to fall between the cracks.
It all starts to fade away.
Too late, I wish I could relive it all for a day.

While I was once proud of what I had achieved,
I can only look back to some scarce moments to make me feel relieved.
There should be more in life than an unknown future and a forgotten past.
It took me some time to realize while my life was heading to nowhere too fast.

Don’t let the past define you.
Don’t let the future scare you.
Be yourself, love yourself.
Love will always be there,
readily available off-the-shelf.

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