Goodbye to the world I used to know

Today, I said goodbye to one of my best friends…
Maybe it’s only temporary until we meet again,
but it felt like a painful separation, as it suddenly slipped out of my hands.

Don’t be too concerned. I’m talking about my beloved car 😉
It’s sadly a matter of exaggerated materialism,
although it does feel like I lost the war.

It’s of course not about the car, but about the unexpectedness of the news.
I had great times with that car – and hence,
again a lot of memories that I have to let loose.

I think I passed halfway my life now.
While the first half was about building up,
the latter half wants me to deal with losses somehow.

Regretfully, we also live in a different world today.
We all have to wear masks and limit meeting others.
When will we go back to the normal state, which we hope for every day.

I can’t give my daughter the childhood I had – everything has changed since then.
But she’s doing fine, although I struggle to accept to belief.
It’s a new world in which we will have to learn to let go now and then.

What does it take to let go?
What if I no longer had my car, my house, my past… ?
What would it change about who I really am – even if that’s still what I don’t know?

It feels like peeling the onion.
That’s probably what I’m afraid of – to discover what will surface.
Will I still feel comfortable? Will people still be around or leave me in my forgotten dungeon?

More than ever, it becomes important to get to know yourself.
Peel the onion, follow your tears and find your authentic self.
Try to be less dependent on others, and on materialistic stuff.
You only need to love yourself, that should be fairly enough.

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