Letter to my orphanage

Dear Sr. – name removed – ,

While I still remember vividly my visit to my orphanage and our discussion on my adoption background in December 2019, it seems ages now that I have been in Mumbai. I miss India and particularly my roots travel to Mumbai, Delhi, Agra.

I do hope all is well with you, with Sr – name removed – and your orphanage.

Meanwhile, I have continued my search for my roots and found some distant relatives who confirmed that I would come from Tamil Nadu (as you and Sr – name removed – already guessed as I didn’t look like someone from Maharashtra). A DNA test also confirmed that I would be 100% Tamil.

You can imagine that I’m very happy to have found some distant relatives who can help me discover who I really am (despite my 40+ years life with my adoption family). No one can ignore his/her roots and the primal wound of feeling disconnected with his/her birth mother and biological family…

I’m writing you hoping that you can still find more info on my adoption, besides my Deed of Surrender.

As I now know that I come from Tamil Nadu, I wonder if there is any record indicating that I have been transferred from e.g. Chennai to Mumbai (which seemed to be a common practice in the 70’s to increase likelihood of adoption in India).

I’m also in contact now with up to 7 adoptees who all have been adopted from your MoC Mumbai in the same period – amazing isn’t it?

Some of them remember having taken a train from Madras to Mumbai… (I heard that Sr. – name removed – was accompanying some kids during this travel).

I pray to God that he will reveal traces that will help me to find my birth town or at least some info leading to my historical background.

Maybe there is even a possibility that other MoCs like Chennai or Kolkata (the MoC motherhouse I understood) have traces?

Could you help facilitate that request for info?

As you can read, I’m still struggling to deal with my primal wound since 2019 – even if I have forgiven my birth mother to have surrendered me to your MoC. I thank you for your comprehension and thank you for your assistance.

I’m planning to travel again to India again this year (when Covid pandemic allows), explore Tamil Nadu, visit your orphanage again in Mumbai and get in touch again with some colleagues I know in Bangalore. Looking forward to that travel and awaiting your response in the meantime.

I pray for you and your orphanage.


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