About Me

Fasten your seat belts for a ride in my roller coaster of life…

My name is Mohan. I was born in India in 1974. I don’t know my birth place but I have been adopted from Mother Theresa’s Missionaries of Charity orphanage in Mumbai (Maharasthra, India). My birth mom left me in the orphanage when I was 2,5 months old, I stayed there till I was 4 years old.

A Belgian family adopted me in 1978. My parents already had a daughter and I joined the family as their second child. My parents have given me all chances, support and encouragement in life to have a great childhood, to discover my passions (drums, martial arts, …) and find the right studies.

After completing my studies in University of Hasselt and University of Antwerp, I found a job at Belgacom in Brussels where I also happily found my wife. She gave birth to our sweet and beautiful daughter.

Unfortunately my wife and I got separated following regretful circumstances of life – we are still best friends taking care of our daughter together.

After our separation, I went from one relationship to another. Especially last year I suffered from hard lessons in life going through regretful separations – while also my mum (adoption mother) passed away.

I learned a lot from the past year and thanks to my India roots trip, meditation, interesting readings and coaching, I’m finding my authentic self again. Getting stronger and more confident in life.

The book “The Primal Wound” made me realize that I suffered from a separation trauma dating back from the moment I was left by my birth mother (and father?). I never felt the need to think about this because all was well in my life and I adapted myself easily to all circumstances (hence why I like to speak different languages, travel around the world and feel energised in management consulting).

I now learnt the hard way that I should find again my authentic self building a foundation for my future relationship(s), work and impact on society.

Why Mohan Saroo?

Saroo is the name of the 5 year old Indian boy in the movie “Lion” who gets disconnected from his family, gets lost and finds himself adopted by an Australian family. Approx. 25 years later he traces back his birth town via Google Earth and gets reunited with his biological family, together with his adoption parents. This is actually a true story from Saroo Brierly.

I recognise myself completely in Saroo as I lost my birth mom when I was 4 years old, found myself in a plane flying to Belgium and got introduced to an adoption family. I also had the same life as Saroo – growing up in full happiness with family, friends and colleagues. However, after years, we both feel that something is missing in life. There is an emptiness which does not get filled regardless of all that love surrounding us.
Different person, same story.

Interesting to know is that Saroo was wrongly pronounced as name –
it should have been Sheru – Hindi for lion. Despite of all challenges in my life, I still feel I’m getting stronger with all these experiences – fighting like a lion…

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