Article in Joy For Kids edition April 2020

Sharing with you an article I wrote for Joy For Kids magazine (formerly knows as Vreugdezaaiers – the association that supported my adoption process). Sneak preview for the audience of this magazine as I got hold of the digital version while Bpost is still distributing the magazines 🙂

I wrote the article before my “Aha Erlebnis” of reading the Primal Wound. In essence, the story overall is still the same, but the ending is different. I understand now and start accepting my feelings of having been relinquished in the past, but I do want to continue searching for my roots.

First Post – Welcome Message…

My first post on my first in a life time blog… welcome, I’m happy that you are visiting my blog.
Out of pure curiosity? Just because you know me and just want to find out what I’m up to? Maybe you are looking for insights on adoption or recommended readings? Anyway, in all cases you are more than welcome.

In the coming weeks, I will start posting personal reflections from my India roots travel I made last year in December, share links to websites/video’s who may be of interest to you, share my insights from books I read, etc.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please do let me know via You can also subscribe to my blog on the page Blog Postings.


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