Bombay – my good haven?

Most of you know that I recently visited Mumbai as a first stop in my roots travel to India. Mumbai was formerly known as Bombay. The Portuguese called this city “Good Haven” (Bombaim), after which British conquerors made it sound more English: “Bombay”. I have been adopted out of Mumbai to Belgium back in theContinue reading “Bombay – my good haven?”

Roots research – my never ending story

While I’m flying to Mumbai, I’m having mixed feelings. I’m looking forward to visit Mumbai again, go to my orphanage and continue my roots travel to Chennai. However, I’m at the same time sad to a certain extent. I’m sad because I will miss my home and significant ones. It feels like that I’m notContinue reading “Roots research – my never ending story”

Hercules Tower

As I write this post, I’m flying to Madrid – probably at a height of 10.000 m, while I can admire a wonderful full moon at night right through my window. The full moon might have given me the inspiration to start writing a blog post again. Such phenomenon of nature always triggers my spiritualContinue reading “Hercules Tower”

What you pay attention to grows

What you pay attention to grows. If your attention is attracted to negative situations and emotions, then they will grow in your awareness”. What an insightful quote from Deepak Chopra. It fully makes sense, but it’s so hard to change our mindset in this way. Pay attention to positive situations, thoughts, emotions and your willContinue reading “What you pay attention to grows”

De Tijger Ontwaakt

Het is weer even geleden dat ik nog iets in het Nederlands gepost heb. Deze post leent zich daar nu uitstekend toe omdat ik mijn inzichten uit het Nederlandstalige boek “De Tijger Ontwaakt” van Peter A. Levine wil delen (Originele versie: Waking the Tiger). Zoals dat ondertussen mijn gewoonte is geworden, wil ik mijn inzichtenContinue reading “De Tijger Ontwaakt”

What Icelandic horses told me

It has been 8 months now since I have launched my blog. And a bit more than 1 year since I hit the wall when my “Summer of 2019 Love” left me.Β  Where did she go, my summer love? Sadly, this time, it’s not a song from Bryan Adams or Regi… Instead, it was aContinue reading “What Icelandic horses told me”

Met een oerwond doorheen het oerwoud

Wat een leuke en leerrijke ervaring ! Wat heeft me dat weer energie gegeven ! Een mooie bevestiging van het pijnlijke maar veelbelovende traject dat ik al afgelegd heb. En vooral een aanmoediging om mijn pad verder te volgen. Zeker nu ik besef dat ik er ook anderen mee kan helpen πŸ™‚ Tijdens de adoptieweekContinue reading “Met een oerwond doorheen het oerwoud”

Goodbye to the world I used to know

Today, I said goodbye to one of my best friends…Maybe it’s only temporary until we meet again,but it felt like a painful separation, as it suddenly slipped out of my hands. Don’t be too concerned. I’m talking about my beloved car πŸ˜‰It’s sadly a matter of exaggerated materialism,although it does feel like I lost theContinue reading “Goodbye to the world I used to know”